Michael Bukht interview

Jul 31, 2014, 07:49 PM

A leading commercial radio figure, Michael Bukht OBE died in 2011.

In the dark days of the early 70s, Michael was the first Programme Controller proper of Capital Radio. He was also MD at Invicta, a GWR Programme Director and, notably, a visionary co-founder of Classic FM.

As the Crafty Cook, Michael Barry became a TV favourite on BBC2 with ‘Food and Drink’.

In this conversation with Mike Owen, hear Michael tell - in his engaging, fruity, no-nonsense style - of those tough early Capital days, the National Broadcasting School, the Classic FM birth, ‘public service radio’, his views on media courses, the CBC challenge, the GWR days, the early Gold splitting. And about radio’s role in ‘making the world a better place’.