P4A Project For Awesome Is ON

Dec 17, 2010, 09:43 AM
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Shaggy72 - almost 7 years ago

If anything, between your references and Rogue's NON-STOP HINTING OF HOW AWESOME THIS ACB VIDEO IS GOING TO BE --

which in and of itself has GOT to mean it will force EPICNESS to a whole new awesome level! B/c Rogue is the most humble and self-deprecating youtuber with his wit & skill, so if ROGUE is bragging aboot it,it's GOT to be (insert new definition of BEYOND GOOD and EXCELLENCE)!!!... now where was I, oh

-- I may need MORE medication to help lower my unending 25/8 anticipation of this one video!
I'm just grateful it's only 9 hours away for me!!
I'm already feeling an itch for the a movie i'm wanting to see in the theatre in JULY! That's not going to lead to anything good, health wise for me!!