History of Whipps Cross Hospital - John Doyle

Aug 20, 2014, 09:51 AM

John finds out about the early days of the hospital from Dr Eric Dormer MD who made a study of its history and he also takes a look back at nursing in those early days. The name Whipps Cross' comes from what was once an important local crossroads and from the family name of the local farmer - John Phipps. Early records mention the family from about 1374 and they also show how the name was corrupted toPhypps Cross', then Fypps Cross' and, by 1636, toWhipps Cross'. Work started on the new infirmary in 1900, took three years to complete and cost £186,000. It was criticised for being too lavish with 672 beds in 24 wards, tended by 23 trained and 63 untrained nurses. There was also provision to house two lunatics and a horse-drawn ambulance.