Brisbane's Victoria Bridge - deep house remix

Aug 20, 2014, 12:31 PM, CBD and Inner Suburbs, Brisbane, Australia

Emmanuel Galvan turns Victoria Bridge in Brisbane into some dense electronica.

He says: "I did this composition as part of a project at the Queensland University of Technology, it marked the completion of my masters in creative industries (music & sound). In this project I explored the relationship arising between people and the places they inhabit. It was a brief immersion into the concepts of the soundscape and acoustic ecology. I also considered some ideas on noise and its nature.

The composition is strongly based on the sounds of public transport buses crossing over the Victoria Bridge in Brisbane, I felt this was a unique sound of the city, as it was produced by the movement of its inhabitants over an iconic location. Transforming these sounds into "music" was done by digital sound processing techniques. Mainly by resonating frequencies and creating atmospheres and ambient sounds from them. "

clip location map