Waitrose arn't giving it away.

Dec 28, 2010, 05:45 PM, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England
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__loudmouthman - over 6 years ago

and of course whilst we debate all this the couple discussing food and travel still go unresponded too. I have say in parish council meetings where that sort of intellectual postcarding goes on too often.


__loudmouthman - over 6 years ago

Thanks to shows like Thats Life and Consumer awareness articles other ( imagined ) people are in general really bloody poor at thinking for themselves and taking responsibility for themselves. As a result if anyone gets ill as a result of eating goods that might be demonstrated to have been beyond good for sale or which should have been removed from sale then they might be likely to suffer a large financial loss in the form of lawsuits and bad PR so no shops cant allow people to access things which some other group ( not the shop ) have determined to be possibly unsafe. If shops were not regulated by this fear of liability then you might find that they would keep foods out until the last possible moment.

If they consistently dropped the price on the bread until it was near free then the market would follow by being more patient. the net result would mean the upstream costs would have to be reduced since the market is not making any profit. After that the Farmer selling flour and wheat discovers he cant make any money selling that produce and so switches crops. reducing supply , drving up costs until there are fewer shops selling bread at close to free costs.

For basic foods to be free or close to cheap on the shelf and not to goto waste you have to select a large quatnity of farmers who will have to be collected into the state and mandated to create those goods. We would also have to have a tight control on that market to stop black market .

.. look do you see where I am going here ? its not Waitrose that is not giving it away its people wanting a state or other people to take responsibility for them which drives up the costs and leads to people wondering if they should walk or take the bus.

My personal contribution to all this ?

When I see a need I answer it , I wont expect someone else to take responsibility for it.