John Grierson speaks - first Manx Radio General Manager

Sep 10, 2014, 05:51 PM

If you bump into anyone with a Manx connection, don’t go banging on about commercial radio starting in 73. You’ll annoy them.

The idea for Manx Radio stems back to the 50s, and it came on air on 29th June 1964 - and officially on 23rd November 23rd 1964, with the opening announcement by Lieutenant Governor, Sir Ronald Garvey, who’d been part of the battle to open the station.

Richard Meyer and the telecoms company Pye, owned the station, later sold to the Manx Government. The station continued with a mix of government and commercial support.

It is much loved by its Island to this day and part of its fabric and tradition. Here, its first general Manager, John Grierson, talks to me about those early days as it launched from its caravan.