E26 - Walking Among Them

Sep 15, 2014, 06:02 PM, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, England

September 2014

This month we bring you a special episode of the Bletchley Park Podcast, from the Annual Veterans' Reunion.

2014 is a landmark year for Bletchley Park, marking not only 75th anniversary of the Government Code and Cypher School getting its vital war work underway, but also the completion of £8 million worth of much-needed restoration, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. At this year’s reunion many of the Veterans saw those renovations for the first time.

Bletchley Park's CEO, Iain Standen, brings the Veterans up to date on the work that's been carried out in phase one of the restoration of Bletchley Park and answers their questions about the future of the place that's so precious to them.

We also talk to the official Bletchley Park photographer, Shaun Armstrong, about capturing history in the making. He's documented the entire restoration, Project Neptune, over the last two years and photographed one or two members of the Royal family along the way.

Podcast Producer Mark Cotton and Roving Reporters Kerry Howard and Astrid Specht were also at large at this year's Reunion, talking to visitors as well as the most important guests, the Veterans themselves.

Picture: ©shaunarmstrong/mubsta.com

See more about Shaun's experience of photographing the Duchess of Cambridge and work at Bletchley Park at https://mubstablog.com/2014/06/24/hrh-the-duchess-of-cambridge-bletchley-park/

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