THE IMITATION GAME at Bletchley Park

Oct 09, 2014, 03:18 PM, United Kingdom

October 2014

To celebrate the release of THE IMITATION GAME in UK cinemas on 14 November, Bletchley Park will open a major new exhibition, taking visitors behind the scenes of the highly anticipated movie. The exhibition will open on Tuesday 4 November with an exclusive preview screening of the film for a select audience at Bletchley Park. The same evening, this vibrant heritage attraction will preview a major new exhibition all about the making of the film, in the very room where the bar scenes were filmed.

Sarah Kay, Bletchley Park’s Digitisation and Exhibitions Officer, says “THE IMITATION GAME at Bletchley Park Exhibition is an opportunity to not only provide our existing audiences the chance to see some of the film’s set dressing and some of the fantastic objects and documents created by the film’s art department. It is also an opportunity for us to reach new audiences of film fans who otherwise may not be familiar with the secret wartime work of Alan Turing and the thousands of other heroes who undertook arguably the most important work of the their lives.

“The making of the film will send the history of Bletchley Park worldwide with such incredibly impressive and intense performances by some of Britain's most elite actors. Bletchley Park is incredibly proud of what the filmmakers and actors were able to achieve.”

During the filming we spoke to the producer Teddy Schwarzman & the screenplay writer Graham Moore. We will bring you the full interview & many more Exclusives in future episodes of The Bletchley Park Podcast.

Trailer, Music & Picture: © Black Bear Pictures/Studio Canal

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