What Do Ukip Stand For? James O'Brien's Takedown Of This Supporter Is Effortless

Oct 10, 2014, 12:40 PM

After Ukip won their first elected seat in the House of Commons, James O'Brien asked what the party actually stand for. Jack was the first caller and really struggled to answer the question.

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<user-5006573> - 4 months ago

Thats beneficial


intweni - about 2 years ago

I guess he could have said that UKIP stands for Britain, but that sort of sentiment would be regarded as xenophobic / racist. Just as so many of those that think that would say that Battle of Britain pilots were xenophobic simpletons....after all, protecting your homeland and heritage is interpreted by so many as being symptomatic of xenophobic behaviour. Quite losing sight of the fact that if those xenophobic simpletons had NOT done what they did he would not today be free to sit in front of a microphone criticising and sneering..


SSOLO72 - about 2 years ago

He could have said that UKIP are for Britain to exit the EU. Even I knew that and I'm not a UKIP supporter. Just goes to show UKIP are a party that attracts xenophobic / racist simpletons!


stevie_b - over 2 years ago

God help us if this geezer is able to vote!


maxdecatt - over 2 years ago

Give the guy a chance and let him speak. UKIP is FOR controlled immigration.


faxveritas - almost 3 years ago

Does O'Brien not get a clue from the name, might Independence for the UK be what it stands for?