Thoughts on the new AudioBoo(m) (a cautionary tale for @Audioboom)

Oct 23, 2014, 11:38 AM

My first recording on the new AudioBoom app for iPad where I talk about how concerned I am for AudioBoo(m). Pardon the radiator hiss in the background--winter is arriving in NYC. :) I realize now that I misspoke a bit about format issues were at, not Utterz, but there were other problems at Utterz--like gmail being blocked and new sites not being supported. did have the format issues, but I think they had trouble mostly because people just weren't microvlogging yet. Anyway, listen to this Boo(m) for more of my thoughts on how making drastic changes can fail to bring intended influx of new users (or worse). Oops--can't add a photo to this post. It seems the new AB app refuses to pull up the camera or the camera roll after I tap "Add Photo". #iosapp #bug.