CCSC Podcast Work Take N.3

Oct 24, 2014, 09:19 AM

Welcome to the CCSC ICT audio podcast. On today’s show, I will be teaching you how Google’s search engine works. How it works is an interesting question to answer because a lot of people think that it’s a long and complex subject to explain and well, it’s not. First of all, I will tell what are a algorithm because weather or not you already know about these because Google use this concept for it’s search engine. A algorithm is a series of steps commonly shown in a layout. Everything you do can be shown in a algorithm even waking up and going to school. After a step the algorithm might ask yes or no and that will change the outcome. For instance, if you choose to have a shower then you have to start the shower leading to more steps if you choose not it will either go ahead of the shower or lead to a different branch of steps. When you search something into Google like a hippo. Google will find all the pages it can find on the web with what they call ‘spiders’. Spiders act like a safe virus. When Google's spiders find all of the web pages they can they get from google’s index, them spiders make more spiders to find every link on them pageS and give you more search results until they have found every link, picture and page they can find from your chosen subject. Then they put the pages into different algorithms like where is the words: URL, Title, Heading ,description. Afterwards they use a different algorithm to put the pages into a importance list from most importance to least importance.