Memories…Walking With the Gulls in Hamburg

Oct 24, 2014, 12:47 PM

By Mark Taylor. ‘Memories…Walking With the Gulls’ The idea in my head was an old man sitting on a bench reminiscing about family walks along the river. Editing to the original recording was more extensive here to try and create a dreamlike, nostalgic atmosphere: · Auto pan synced to tempo of the piano – depth of pan automated to peak in the centre of the piece. · Low pass filter, (cut off frequency 962kHz), used on the everyday low level background sounds in your recording to try and create a feeling of movement / imaginary wind. · Touch of flanger added to enhance the effect of the filter. · Stereo delay: o Feedback not to high and with a low pass filter applied – cut off frequency 1400kHz. o R channel delay time = eighth notes synced to the piano part. o L channel delay time = quarter notes synced to the piano part. · Reverb · A few high frequency moments restrained using Izotope RX so that they fitted in with the new dreamy ambience. Piano part was created using Kontakt 5 sampler hosted in Sonar X1. Sound design done in Sonar X1, mainly using Camel Audio’s wonderful ‘Camel Space’ VST.