Stadthausbrucke - Andrulian's introspective remix

Oct 27, 2014, 12:23 PM

By Andy Lyon:

"We often don't observe what is happening around us. The idea for this song is to be present and really focus on your surroundings. That's why I was drawn to the sound, I'm sure we're often in such a location and don't really pay attention.

"I've used some heavy manipulation to create a wide range of sounds. I used 2 granulators, delay, reverb and another delay to create a sample that is nearly 6 minutes long by adjusting delay feedback which is used as a background sample for a large part of the song. Other samples were processed in a similar way and there was use of a dub type delay effect.

"I really wanted to create all of the sounds from the sample, I didn't quite manage - I ended up using a pre-recorded drum loop because I couldn't make convincing percussion sounds but everything else was created from the original sample."