Vocal Chords: Treasa Ní Mhiolláin teaches Michael Gallen Sean Nós singing

Oct 31, 2014, 05:12 PM

Iarla and one of the Vocal Chords producers Michael Gallen visited Treasa at her home on the beautiful island of Inis Mór, Co Galway. Here, Treasa a renowned sean nós singer and winner of the sean nós Cois Life award teaches Michael, who is the lead singer with band Ana Gog, the art of sean nós singing.

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Transcript: 00:00 Iarla: Anyway, which song would you think he’d be..d’you think..d’ya have a look at him there, what song do you think he’s got in him? Treasa Ní Mhiolláin: (laughs in background) Iarla: (laughs) Michael Gallen: (speaking over laughter) There isn’t any song in me...right. Treasa: We’ll try the irish song name so. Michael: Okay. Treasa: (sings phrase in Irish.) Michael: Repeats what TM sang with her help. Treasa: Again. both begin phrase but stop after a few words Treasa: Yeah... both sing phrase again but Treasa finishes alone Michael begins phrase and Treasa finishes it, Michael imitates ending Treasa: Yeah! 00:46 Treasa sings new phrase in Irish. Michael tries to imitate with Treasa’s help but falters at end so Treasa finishes phrase Michael reattempts ending with Treasa’s help Treasa: speaks irish Both sing original phrase Treasa sings second phrase and Michael imitates beginning, Treasa finishes for him Michael tries to sing the ending of second phrase again, falters twice but Treasa helps him finish. 01:25 Treasa sings the next phrase of the song Treasa teaches Michael each individual part of the phrase before they both sing it together Treasa sings last phrase twice. Michael joins in the second time. 01:55


Photo credit: Iarla Ó'Lionáird

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