Vocal Chords: Conductor of Cenestra Male Choir sings 'The Holy City'

Nov 06, 2014, 05:33 PM

Themba Madlopha is a singer, composer, arranger and also the conductor of the Cenestra Male Choir from South Africa. Recordist Michael Gallen went to meet the Cenestra Male Choir during their frequent visits to Wales where they often sing with local Aberdare choir - 'Cwmbach Male Choir'. Both choirs have a longstanding history together and you will hear more about their fascinating connection in the series on RTE Lyric FM, but for now here's a clip of Themba singing one of his favourite hymns for Michael - 'The Holy City' - Amazingly beautiful and haunting. The power of the voice.

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Photo Credit: Cwmbach Male Choir/Cenestra Male Choir

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