Vocal Chords: Cwmbach Male Choir

Nov 18, 2014, 02:47 PM

The Cwmbach Male Choir have been a part of the well known the miners choir tradition of Wales from their initial formation in 1921. Based in Aberdare but travelling far and wide to sing, the choir have since won numerous choir competitions and performed with world famous artists such as Patricia Kern, Stuart Burrows and Dame Gwyneth Jones to name a few. The choir in fact also has a long standing and fascinating history with Paul Robeson and sang with him for a concert for Africa Freedom Day in 1960. Recordist Micheal Gallen went to meet the choir and attended one of their concerts. To hear more about the Cwmbach Male Choir, tune into our new series Vocal Chords on RTE Lyric FM in May 2015 but for now here is a taster of their performance at Coliseum Theatre, Aberdare.

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Photo credit: Lauren Owens Photography

For more information on the Cwmbach Male Choir: http://www.cwmbachmalechoir.co.uk