Agathe Sorel, Gay Weddings, & Jennifer Lawrence on GORGEOUS GOSSIP

Nov 20, 2014, 02:30 AM

Our Week: 00:26

Agathe Sorel: 11.06

Josephine has the invitation of the season to a Spanish seaside wedding held at a nudist beach, the brides arrived in matching dresses on a .... we can't ruin the surprise - listen and learn how it's done! Donna explores the question: just because you can, should you? as applied to naked celebrity photos and sexy selfies.

In order to hold a retrospective of her work in her spacious home & studio, revolutionary, Hungarian born artist Agathe Sorel had to spend a year uncovering and cataloguing her work - discovering work she had forgotten in the process. Donna visited her studio with art dealer Sandra Higgins.

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