Joyo Vintage Overdrive demo and review (tube screamer copy)

Nov 22, 2014, 11:16 PM

A quick overview and demo of the Joyo Vintage Overdrive pedal. This is supposed to be a Ibanez Tube Scream clone or copy, whichever way you want to word it. (TS808, TS9 etc etc)

The Tube Screamer or its derivatives (some call it the daddy of all overdrives, or at least every overdrive pedal should call it DADDY) is a near must on all pedalboards for its transparent overdrive sound. It acts well as a dirt, crunch, medium overdrive and booster.

This iteration of the Tube Screamer does exactly that. A great buy that will deliver reliably.

There is nothing to fault on this pedal. It sounds great, it sounds very much like the Tube Screamer. It is very well built and under £30 in the UK which obviously ROCKS!

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