So I Really Put My Foot In It With Cosentino! #Awkward

Dec 04, 2014, 10:36 AM

I love chatting to Cos! He's such a down to earth, passionate, dedicated Illusionist who has taken the world by storm! He is one talented dude. He's appeared on Talkin About Your Generation, Australia's Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars and countless Magic Shows!

Cosentino called up to reveal he's touring Australia next year and hitting the road with a heap of new stunts and tricks he's been working on all year! He also dropped the fact he was named Magician of the Year and rattled off a couple of other famous names, 1 name which stood out. Now I thought he's just mentioning who else was nominated and won alongside him and I mentioned this one time I went to Las Vegas. I went to see Criss Angel Mind Freak at the Luxor. I said to Cos - look can I be honest with you about Criss Angel to which he replied he's a friend! Uh Oh - put my foot in it big time!

Take a listen to hear how things got a little awkward and how we talk up his abs! He's got a pretty set of Abs, ok they are bloody sensational and if his magic skills don't sell out his 2015 Aussie tour, his ab's will definitely get those seats filled!

Always a pleasure to chat to Cos, hopefully he comes back for another chat and doesn't think any less of me for that awkward moment. Enjoy listening. Brendo

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