NERDWatch Episode 21: Have Yourself A NERDY Lil' Christmas

Dec 19, 2014, 04:02 AM

In this special Christmas episode of the NERDWatch, the “Gurus of Geekdom” get into the Christmas spirit and talk about the best tech toys for Christmas. Did Moses have the strength to take out the Pharaoh and the box office this weekend? Professor Barry gives his review of Exodus: Gods & Kings. Professor Barry also gives his review of the final film in the Hobbit trilogy. Is this the one movie series that rules them all. The crew also gets a bit serious about the threats being hurled at Sony and the public by the cyber terrorists who have taken issue with the new Seth Rogen/James Franco movie, The Interview. They also talk about their favorite Christmas movies for this time of year. They even discuss movies to watch that take place during Christmas , but aren’t necessarily considered Christmas movies. Your latest blu-ray and hd releases for the week. Finally, Collector J and G Money discuss what the heck is going on with the latest in Destiny and much more. All this and so much more only on this special Christmas edition of the NERDWatch podcast.