15 Days Of Christmas Covers: Day 8: My Only Wish This Year: Originally done by Britney Spears

Dec 20, 2014, 02:07 AM

Day 8 of my #15daysofchristmascovers ! This one has a lot of meaning for me. I performed this one my eighth grade year in front of almost 300 people at our Christmas concert. I was nervous beyond belief, and somehow I managed to survive it. I was always so timid back then. But then I got through it with this song. This song was my break through for my nervousness. From that day on, I stopped being so... how do I put this, shy? Or maybe scared? Whatever the case may be, it helped. So here you are! I hope you like it! As always, no copyright infringement is intended. All music and lyrics belong to their rightful owners! Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Follow me on twitter! @annabel_vazquez ! And like my Facebook page facebook.com/officialannabel ! #15daysofchristmascovers #myfutureboyfriendshouldhearthissomehow #lol #myonlywishthisyear #cute #iloveit #cheer #holidaylovesong