Tommy Vance - 1st BBC Top 40 - Jan 1982

Episode 973,   Dec 23, 2014, 12:23 AM

It must be tough taking over from the guy who’s stuck a million on the audience, and whom the nation seems to adore. Tommy Vance had to, as he replaced Tony Blackburn and the chart got serious on 10th Jan 1982.

Here for the first time, meaningful music nuggets were injected into the music flow as the deep voice of TV assumed Sunday night BBC Top 40 duty.

Charts are much tougher than they seem; and anyone who’d ever done one will recognise first night nerves here. TV’s presentation is a tad faltering as he takes over the mammoth show, and he does what we’ve all done by mixing up a few numbers here and there and playing a jingle when he didn’t mean to. He did manage to squeeze in a phenomenal number of his own namechecks though. Tommy's tenure lasted two years, before handing the reins back to Simon Bates.

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