2014 - Radio Farewells

Dec 28, 2014, 05:42 PM

Just a few of those names the radio world lost in 2014.

Christopher Chataway. Olympic runner, who established commercial radio as Minister for Posts and Telecommunications, later LBC chairman.

Derek Cooper. Host of Radio 4’s The Food Programme for 22 years

Jocelyn Hay. Tireless campaigner. Founded the Voice of the Listener, prompted by prospect of Radio 4 changes, later became Voice of Listener& Viewer.

Richard Attenborough. Actor and Director; and founding Chairman of Capital Radio

Casey Kasem. American broadcaster, host of American Top 40, syndicated around the World

Mike Smith. TV and Radio 1 personality. 5th breakfast show host, where he spent 2 years

Ian McIntyre. BBC radio producer, journalist and presenter. Radio 4 Controller of BBC Radio 4 from 1976 to 1978; BBC Radio 3 Controller 1978 and 1987

Trevor Fry. BBC Bristol, GWR, Radio West; Academy Award winner.

Charles Levitt. BBC Radio Humberside journalist of note

Pippa Harben. BBC World Service announcer

James Alexander Gordon – Famed for his classified football results

John Touhey. A familiar voice across the schedule on BBC World Service

Mark Whittaker World Service presenter

Luther Masingill. 92 year old US broadcaster, who’d been on the same station for 74 years

Betty Smith. Half of the much-loved and award-winning ‘Beryl & Betty’ on BBC Radio Humberside

Paul Vaughan. Radio 4’s 1st Kaleidoscope presenter; World Service broadcaster; reporter; Panorama reporter and narrator; and famous Orange voiceover