On 31/12/14 Phil Johnson released this March 2011 recording of his discussion with Butler Sloss about Bishop Peter Ball

Dec 31, 2014, 10:26 PM

This is the recording of a meeting between a Diocese of Chichester survivor Phil Johnson and Baroness Butler Sloss, who the Church commissioned to inquire into child abuse in the diocese, Here Dame Butler Sloss speaks about the matter of 'that Bishop' - meaning Peter Ball who was revered at the time. Here is the article in the Times of July 14 http://goo.gl/RKpkgH which was taken from this audio. In her interview with BBC r4today on 31/12/14 Dame Butler Sloss suggested the survivor had changed his story. Here is a report from BBC South East about the same matter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82HzdoOAC-4 .

Did Phil Johnson change his story? In an email sent during the evening of 31/12 /14 Phil said : "I felt that she was applying pressure to follow her agenda and not the evidence. She seemed to me, to belittle any effect this man had had on me and to be driven to protect the image of the church."