The Separation – IRISH DIVORCE LEGALISED in 1995 on GORGEOUS GOSSIP with Donna & Josephine

Feb 01, 2015, 08:19 PM

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09:35 - The Separation

Welcome to our Happy Valentine's Divorce Special! Baby It's cold outside - Josephine and Donna are on the sofa with their loved ones: The Box Set. Josephine is mad on Madmen and Donna shows her age by calling Brideshead Revisited a boxset. We dismiss Scandi noir in favour of gritty French crime procedural, Spiral. Can't quite tell if Donna has a hairball or is speaking French - you decide. For the brave: See Josephine and Donna in gossiping action.

Guests: Susan Stanley and Roxanne Nic Liam bring personal experience to their performances in The Separation, the story of a family under the strain of enforced separation when divorce was illegal in Ireland (up until 1995). At Theatre 503 until February 21.

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