The Power of Networking

Episode 13,  Feb 04, 2015, 02:09 AM

On this Episode of THE ART OF CONSTRUCTION, you’ll hear from Chris Armenta, Marketing/Business Development guru at Blind Corners & Curves. He discusses their approach to building valuable business relationships through networking and how it can benefit your business.

So what's Chris' "Secret Sauce"? Start with a long term networking plan, be unique in your personal presentation and be consistent with implementing and executing your networking plan. Chris talks about the fact that he’s always in a dress shirt & tie. He’s remembered as the “Guy with the Tie”. Focus on building relationships, not building business. You need to establish TRUST before you go for the business. The process is a marathon, not a sprint. Focus on building those key relationships in a genuine way and the business WILL follow. If you build a plan, commit to your networking plan, in time your business will thrive as a direct result of focused networking.

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