The Goddamn Dave Hill Show moves to Monday and Dave has the outfits to prove it as he lets comedian Joe Pera and musician Corn Mo into the studio to touch whatever they want. Also, part 3 of the as yet unnamed radio play! Oh, and there is a kale recipe...

Jan 02, 2015, 06:06 PM

Monday night mashup Dave sings his rockin' theme song on his new night--Monday night! Music behind DJ: Dave welcomes you to the Goddamn Dave Hill Show--now on Mondays!

Johnny Marr - "Easy Money" The Faces - "Cindy Incidentally" Dave back announces Lou Rawls - "Dead End Street" The Misfits - "Die Die My Darling" Music behind DJ: Dave takes calls

Teenage Fanclub - "Everything Flows" Jacqueline Taieb - "Bientôt Tu L'Oublieras" Music behind DJ: Dave spills his water and back announces

Bathory - "Dies Irae" Mike Adams at HIs Honest Weight - "Findings of Feeling, Findings of Fact" Dave back announces and takes calls Music behind DJ: Comedian Joe Pera joins Dave in studio

Bad Brains - "Stay Close to Me" Music behind DJ: Dave back announces

Music behind DJ: Dave heats things up with comedian Joe Pera and musician Corn Mo!