It's Canada Day and Dave couldn't possibly be more excited about it as actress Martha Plimpton swings by headquarters, musician Patrick Salt Ryan drops by to play a few songs and talk about having only nine toes, and much, much more! from Jul 1, 2014

Jul 03, 2014, 02:25 PM

Kyuss - "Thee Ole Boozeroony" - And The Circus Leaves Town Music behind DJ: Dave Hill kicks off Canada Day

Music behind DJ: Dave Hill takes calls

Dinosaur Jr. - "Freak Scene" - Ear-Bleeding Country Led Zeppelin - "Out On The Tiles" - Led Zeppelin III Music behind DJ: Dave back announces like a mofo

Minor Threat - "Screaming At A Wall" - Complete Discography Big Star - "Back of a Car" - #1 Record / Radio City Music behind DJ: Dave sings Billy Joel and back announces

Music behind DJ: Bobby Tisdale calls in with the bear report

Music behind DJ: Dave takes calls and does the station ID

Dobie Gray - "Out on the Floor" - Dobie Gray Sings for In Crowders Jesus And Mary Chain - "Happy When It Rains" - Darklands Music behind DJ: Dave back announces

Generationals - "When They Fight, They Fight" - Con Law Hawkind - "Silver Machine" - In Search of Space Music behind DJ: Dave and Martha Plimpton talk in studio

Alice Cooper - "Is It My Body?" - Love It To Death Down - "Rehab" - Nola Serge Gainsbourg - "Ballade de Melody Nelson" - Love And The Beat Vol. 2: Gainsbourg (En) Percussions Music behind DJ: Dave sings and welcomes musician Patrick Salt Ryan for his triumphant return to the studio

Music behind DJ: Many people call in to discuss the pros of smoking marijuana