Flying Solo Live w/ Callers, Music, and A Pidge Mashup from Dec 4, 2014

Dec 05, 2014, 01:07 AM

Set: Live in the Studio Set: Banter Set: Seeing Bob Dylan Bob Dylan - "Long and Wasted Years" - Tempest [1:54 - 5:24] Shazz (Didier Delesalle) - "Not Listed" - Not Listed [5:24 - 15:10 This music comes from a 12" in a plain jacket. No inner sleeve. No writing on the actual disc, except the name, Shazz. Tried to locate the song on the internet but could not identify it. Shazz has an extensive recorded history on discogs.I'm guessing this is a test pressing of some type.] Set: Dark Set: Accu-Comments ramblin' Set: Council Bluffs! Set: and more Bluffs Set: Accu-Dylan comments. That Dylan Show WAS Great! Set: The Thanksgiving Episode - Set: The Zep Doc at Monty - I wish I could have stuck around. Set: Shazz Set: Trolling For Calls 201 209 9368 - Make A Note Of It! rrrramblin' Set: First Caller - Tugboat Richie - A Tugboat Captain on the Hudson River Set: Slurpees and Lotto Set: Talk Turns to Jimmy Buffett Set: Tug's Message Set: Holiday Plans Scape One - "A:1 Fermata" - Reclaim The Future [15:10 - 19:48] Set: Donna From Philadelphia she wouldn't get on the mic Set: Back to the Dusty Line with David from the Bronx Set: David Continues Set: David's Message - Keep Love and Peace in Mind The Princeton Nassoons - "Golden Lady" - The Princeton Nassoons - 1978 [19:51 - 21;55] Shazz - "Not Listed" - Not Listed [21:57 - 29:00See comments about this piece above.] Set: Were You In The Choir In High School? Set: Tu Es Petru (wow, really nostalgic hearing this again ... ) Set: Monty Hall! I love the whole idea of it .... Set: More Accu-Dylan Set: A Call from Will Set: Are You A Capricorn? Set: Tenor Set: Other Colors Set: Branechylde Set: Hammerjack's Set: Trying to get SOME type of Singing Thing Happening it just wouldn't sail Set: Probing Set: Mutual Break-Up Set: Will's Message Set: What's Her Name Be? Scape One - "Fermata" - Reclaim The Future [29:45] Set: Is This Electro? Set: A Call From Andy Set: What's The Trouble, Andy? Set: A Therapist Set: Moms and Dads and Therapy Set: Mother/Daughter Set: Separating Stuff - Childhood to Adulthood Set: Be Safe Set: Bloomfield, NJ Set: Is Racism Alive and Well? Set: Are YOU Hopeful for the Future of America? - Set: I Bored Him Set: Steven Checks In from Bloomfield, NJ Set: Buzz Aldrin Dumped Him one sorry a---d show Set: Steven Returns Set: Steve's World Shazz - "Not Listed" - Not Listed [36:00 - See details above.] I got too personal. Lamented it later ... Set: Springer Tendencies - Arbies are Down Set: Checking the Accu Set: A Call From ________ ? Set: Method Cleaning Set: 39 Set: Is Life Going Well For YOU? - Set: Portland Custodian Set: Vomit Sawdust - Set: Oregon Set: A Message from Portland Set: Leaving the Room - Keep It Awesome Set: Big Star or Cheap Trick - Set: Bird Fade Set: Old Colognes Set: Pidge Mash-up featuring ... Queen, Jan Hammer, Tommy James, Kansas, The Rolling Stones, Missing Persons, Prince, Charlie Rich, Culture Club, Tim Rice, The Doors, Loudness, Cher, Kraftwerk, Kenny Rogers and the First Edition, Vicente Hernandez, Bell, Biv, Devoe, Gallery, The Beatles, The Monkees, MC5, Rush, Psychedelic Furs, Devo, Elvis, Tony Rivers & Bruce Baxter. Set: In Closing ... kirsten xoxo Shazz - "Not Listed" - Not Listed [57:45 - 58:56 Details above in initial Shazz listing.] Another Dusty Show in the can. I didn't have much prepared for it. It seemed like a low-key affair and I hope it wasn't too boring. Thanks to the callers and to all the listeners. Not much to add this week. The Goose is getting fat. Love and peace ... always remember ... CPnyc99 ------ and might I say sorry for not having more coverage of the protests for Mike Brown and Eric Garner. I've been watching and thinking like you have.