Liverpool Life podcast, week ending February 20th, 2015

Feb 19, 2015, 03:43 PM

In another packed edition: it’s been a memorable week for all the wrong reasons for Liverpool nightclubs; we get the latest on the raids, the closures and the campaigns. Plus, new figures reveal Merseyside has the third highest gun crime in the country – yet the rate is dropping; our Jake Cottrill has been doing the number-crunching and explains all. One of Liverpool’s best-known landmarks and most unusual music and meditation venue, the ‘bombed out church’, is loved by many but could do with a face lift: we here from the man with a plan. Hospital car parking charges are a sore point for some – a new investigation says private companies are pocketing big profits from folks visiting the sick: our Jonny Coupe is on the case. Plus: fizzy, sugary drinks. They rot your teeth, make you put on weight but we seem to be addicted to them. We hear about a new campaign to help us kick the Coke trip. After Hillsborough, standing at football stadia could never come back…could it? Well, yes it could: Hannah Cain has been finding out more and hit the streets to get your views; she’ll also have a round-up of the rest of the week’s sports’ news. So pop the pod on and give your ears and your brain a treat! (Music: 'The Wild Dogs of Nauru' by The Womb. Used under a Creative Commons licence). #liverpool #Savethelomax #NHS @Bombedoutchurch #LiverpoolFC #EvertonFC