Liverpool Life podcast, week ending March 6, 2015

Mar 06, 2015, 02:28 PM

Another packed pod in which we take you to the splendour of Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall, and talk to world-renowned composer and conductor Carl Davis and find out he put the sound into the silent…movies. It was crunch week for Liverpool Council’s budget – and there was high drama in the chamber as the local politicos battle over the city’s purse-strings. We were there and we bring you reaction from the Town Hall. New figures say a local jail is one of the most overcrowded in the country. What can be done and are the figures what they seem? Our Jake Cottrill is on the case. Businesses are complaining that young people don’t have the skills needed to make it in commerce today – we hear what the plan is to get them jobs’-ready. Our kids are getting fatter – should the TV ads that push junk food be pushed past their bedtime? We hear from campaigners and the good folk of Liverpool. Meanwhile – and how ironic! – the number of people using food banks on Merseyside is still on the up. What’s going on? The NHS is cherished by most – but it’s under strain. A campaign says we should spend more and is putting pressure on the political parties to commit to greater spending. But where would the money come from?

Plus all the sports’ news, including the very different fortunes of our two Premiership sides. #TressellTrust #Foodbanks #Prison #Junkfood #Liverpool #Philharmonic #LiverpoolFC #EvertonFC

(Music: 'The Wild Dogs of Nauru', by The Womb. Used under a Creative Commons licence.)