Last Tom Browne chart - March 1978

Mar 07, 2015, 10:55 PM

Tom Browne was an unusual appointment to Radio 1, but for a generation, his perfect counting down of the hits on a Sunday was part of growing up. Short and sweet, yet thoroughly engaging, this former actor's presentation kept the 70s warm as an electric blanket.

Tom took over from Alan Freeman and hosted the chart from 1 October 1972 to 26 March 1978, albeit it was contained within the last hour of 'Solid Gold Sixty' until 17th March 1674, before just becoming the chart proper. This hour was special too for being relayed on Radio 2's FM (and LW) frequencies, back in the days when Radio 1 relied on medium wave only.

Enjoy here, Tom's final countdown on 26 March 1978 before handing the year jingles and sound effects to Simon Bates.

Thanks to Richard White for the audio from which this was truncated. There is little Richard does not know about charts - and little audio he has not retained in full.