Excellent Voiceover Podcast #9 Olivia Birchenough

Mar 10, 2015, 01:25 PM

In this edition of the Excellent Talent Voiceover Podcast, Channel 5's early morning children's presenter, Olivia Birchenough talks us through her exhausting lifestyle.

How does she cope with the 4am starts? Does she really know all the words to "Let It Go?" What is an aerial silk?

And what happens when you play footsie with your swivel chair live on telly?

A hugely talented live presenter, even at the tender age of 24, Olivia is well-known to kids (and bleary-eyed parents) up and down the country from her effervescent performances on "Milkshake". But her favourite gig is always meeting and greeting the kids when she's on tour.

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