Norway reimagines New York

Mar 30, 2015, 10:16 AM

Jan-Morten Iversen reimagines the sound of an umbrella seller in New York.

"Oblique Strategy-cards:

-Take A Break -Ask Your Body

I chose for reimagining the recording "New York Umbrella Seller" from the selection of recordings supplied for the project. When the reimagining-work started i cut the recording into several small elements and played them back to me a few times before i

 -took a break.

Later that day i pieced the various elements together, some were looped, some were pitched down and/or stretched, some kept as they originally were,sometimes fading in and out. When i felt like there was no more work to be done on it i sat back and played it to me through my headphones and
-asked my body.

And i felt like i usually do when i am happy with something i've done, i felt good, i felt sort of ecstatic, like wanting a drink and a night out. A good sign.

So i stopped.Done."