Solutions Before | Solutions After Your Construction Project

Apr 01, 2015, 05:09 AM

On this episode of THE ART OF CONSTRUCTION, you’ll hear from Bradley A. Schmidt, AIA Vice President – Architecture and Ryan J. Barnes, PE - Forensic Architectural Engineer at SBSA (Solutions Before Solutions After) about their firm’s unique service of providing solutions before and after your construction project. They manage risk in advance as well as provide solutions after your project is completed to address unintended problems.

So what's SBSA's "Secret Sauce"?

SBSA is a team of experts with unique and diverse training. They have experience in all aspects of construction including architecture, design, engineering and problem prevention, as well as, solution management.

They offer the best solutions beforehand in order to mitigate and help avoid problems. They also provide the best solutions after you project if problems do arise. Their solutions reflect their experience, knowledge, training, and capabilities.

SBSA does this with a commitment to:

• Keystone values of standards, ethics, and consistency • Ethical decision making providing conformance to the standards that allow your project to perform • Truthful and complete advice • Providing consistent, supportable solutions • Providing clients with reasonable, sustainable solutions without compromising the integrity of your project