Athens meets Berlin - a simultaneous sound collage

Apr 01, 2015, 12:14 PM

By natrYX and die bie:

"The idea was for the two participants who live in different cities in Europe (Athens-Berlin) to find a location for the recording and to start it at the exact given time, simultaneously (23.00 for Athens and 22.00 For Berlin, Date 6-3-2015 ). Then the two source materials were used to create the remix. The two tracks run together in unisson (ταυτοφωνία) to create this effect where the two soundscapes of the different locations and sound events are melting to each other and create even surprising orchestrations and coincidences. I call the piece Athens/BerlinTaΦtophony I . Both cards worked fine for us. The first card “ How would someone else do it?” is being answered as if I am in Athens and its not possible to be simultaneously in Berlin to record the source material for the remix, someone else is being chosen to do it. How my colleague will record and what location would choose is up to her. For the second card “ Display your talent” both participants are displaying their talent in such a way where it is possible for their ability to rise as they choose instinctively the sound source, location for the remix, and finally the way the two soundscapes are remixed."