Finding the poetic at a football match

Apr 03, 2015, 11:01 AM

Wolfgang Dorninger takes on Port Vale vs. Sheffield United, saying: "ad 1.: I love the acoustics in a stadium, the singing, the fast change from frustration to euphoria, but also the sound of ols amplification systems in mid-size-stadiums. so I started with the stadium speaker, the audience singing, kids crying and clapping to support a jingle. ad 2.: depending on the high level of adrenalin during the game, the aggressiveness paired with the unanimity in choral singing parts we talk after the game about the game on a high poetic level. but we never hear the high poetic level within the play. so I filtered away the obvious of the recording to get into the tonal base score of the whole recording. and best, it is quite possible to find the poetic within the ambience of a stadium recording (after all)."