Addendum 1: New Information About the Trip to Cathy's


April 20, 2015 / Additional Music by Qatarsis -

Apr 21, 2015, 01:16 AM
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elleffe - over 1 year ago

That makes sense that he would be super high and freak out if cops wanted to talk to him about anything. I mean, have you ever been super high and had to talk to cops? ha


Russell58 - over 2 years ago

Hey everyone, any update on the state testing DNA from the body? Can it be disclosed outside of a court room? If Adnan's upcoming appeal goes in his favour, and crazy idea when he could be released?

This case has opened my eyes to our largely dysfunctional justice system and the other tragic miss carriages of justice. I work as a paralegal in a criminal defence office and know how important a good defence lawyer is when you have been accused. But not everyone has equality in our system when they need to defend themselves. Maybe your work to free Adnan will improve our justice system. Rabia thanks for everything, you have educated, enlightened and shown 1 person CAN make a difference. You are amazing.