Prick Up Your Ears E18

Apr 27, 2015, 08:38 AM

Yay... We're back after a short unscheduled break. It's the podcast that will make you question why you even bother... and the sad truth is, you should especially when one of the topics is spilt milk. Today we talk about a man throwing milk at tesco, people falling asleep in Ikea China , whether they should make beds that can be converted to coffins and the benefits. Johnny questions Zoe in Bombardment, Wes Butters comes up as a mega subject as Johnny seems to know a lot about him. In Factcock... sharing their love for pizza, the possible noises your genitals could make, and sperm. Along with #arrow #lipsyncbattle #spiltmilk @tesco #tesco #ikea #china #coffins #beds @wesbutters #boomshaketheroom @papajohnsuk