Episode 2 - Hae's Day


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Amar Nagi @amarnagi

Apr 27, 2015, 09:45 PM
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Amyelle - 10 months ago

Just for the record, they didn't go to The Olive Garden in Aberdeen. Aberdeen doesn't have one, and I've known the area well since '95. And why would they drive that far just for a chain restaurant like that anyway? Must have been Olive Tree. Completely different. Not an icky chain.


av_ballerina25 - over 1 year ago

Time Out!! Hae wrote in her dairy that Don was telling her to ditch school the next day 1/13, to spend the day with him. Now if he had to work at Hunt Valley, why would he want her to ditch? when did he know or was asked to work at Hunt Valley and by whom? I'm sure he would need managers approval in advance to do a shift change let alone some type of paperwork, right?
She had to work at 5 so she would not Have had time to drive n meet up with him prior to her shift, due to the distance from WL to OM mall and or HV mall. If the were gonna meet even for a brief hook up, Don would have had to come to her, hmmm? can you be in 2 places at once? JS!


may466krm - over 2 years ago

I really cannot believe the shoddy work of the investigators and the defense in this case. It's like they all focused on Adnan, and didn't even go through the timeline of Hae's day at all. This was brilliant. I'm also slightly suspicious of the teacher's changing story. Isn't she the same teacher who didn't like the way Adnan conducted his interviews? This particular episode really nails it for me. I hope all of these people are called as witnesses in the new trial.


Lgc423 - over 2 years ago

Qq... Wouldn't the wrestling match have been canceled bc of the snow storm coming in? Schools were given a snow day the following day so it's likely the county canceled all sporting events. It's also not uncommon to play the same team 2 times In a season. Would be easy enough to check whether there were any wrestling matches that night in that county.


Undisclosed - over 2 years ago

Kevin - it may have been easy to do in 1999, but it's much harder to do so now!

Cpittella - thanks. Hopefully we'll continue to improve with each episode.


cpittella - over 2 years ago

Very good episode. Perhaps a game changer. Also: a lot of technical improvements since the first episode: the presenters slowed down and the editing work is much neater. Congrats.