Homeless rate of 7% in the Kimberley

Apr 28, 2015, 09:43 AM

From CAAMA Radio - Western Australia’s Kimberley region continues to see rising levels of homelessness with a new report claiming seven per cent of the region’s predominately Aboriginal population is currently homeless.

Gerry Georgatos a long time human rights campaigner and suicide prevention researcher based in Western Australia says the current extent of homelessness in the Kimberley demonstrates the State Governments disregard in dealing with the inequalities that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders face.

Mr Georgatos told CAAMA that little has changed for Aboriginal people in Western Australia since the 1967 referendum calling the disparity of homelessness experienced by the First Peoples as ‘racialization’.

Mr Georgatos also discussed the adverse effects the looming community closures will have on residents within the Kimberley and surrounding regions over a chat with Kyle Dowling.