Episode 3 - Jay's Day

May 12, 2015, 05:55 PM

May 12, 2015 / Additional Music - "Konichiwa" by Chequerboard - http://www.chequerboard.com

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<user-5006573> - 4 months ago



Inkandpaintclub - over 1 year ago

It sounds like Jay says "time spots" not top spots. It could be similar to the grey gloves vs red gloves thing. He doesn't speak clearly... ­čśĽ


elleffe - almost 2 years ago

i might have commented this elsewhere. Why does no one ask how Jay's memory could Ever be relied upon when he keeps admitting to being high most of the time?

Also, is it from Serial--the part where Jay talks about driving around with Adnan looking for weed? I thought he was a Dealer? Why'd he have to drive all over to find weed?


Kimmer - over 2 years ago

They had Jay where they wanted him. The whole case botched from beginning to end. The tapping gave me chills! Pray Adnan gets the retrial he and Everybody involved deserves.


bethanymeyer1 - over 2 years ago

I believe it was mentioned that the cellphone was in the glove box of the car. I can't reconcile why Jay had Adnan's car however.


asburke - over 2 years ago

Can tapping be found in the recordings of other BPD interviews? If that is what is happening here, surely it wasn't the only time.