Mechanical tinnitus in Nottingham

May 13, 2015, 09:16 AM

Reimagined by Grey Frequency.

For the reimagined soundscape it seemed natural to create something that sounded very industrial. The whirring, clanging and clattering of machinery was already in place, but I wanted to make everything sound more heavy and laboured. Difficult. Painful. Mechanical tinnitus. Something that hinted at the destruction caused by the fire before. I wanted to create a feeling that while this spectacular construction was being rebuilt, the site was still haunted by memories of cracked charcoal, broken glass and blackened metal.

To create the soundscape I dubbed small sections of the digital field recording onto homemade cassette loops. Each section was then played through a series of guitar pedals and fed into a portastudio. More layers of sound were committed to tape and played from a series of personal cassette players. Everything was finally recorded through a small mixer into my laptop. From digital to analogue, then back to digital again.