Episode 4 - 28 Days


May 25, 2015

May 25, 2015, 09:59 PM
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karianne317 - about 1 year ago

Jenn & Jay..?? hmmmm.


bonnyscotland - over 1 year ago

Really getting into this podcast everyone listening has a theory thats grounbreaking radio, i personaly wonder why adnans not so angry wae jay could it be because if he gets jay annoyed lets say then jay could tell the true story? Whos missing from that night (if anybody) is jenn involved ?whats the real timeline? Could they not have got tests from her autopsy showibg exactly what time she died from the fact that she had bought was it hotchips ? (Whatever they are ) frenchfries? When last seen it said they should have been found in her car but were not how long did the digestion on them go before Hae was killed would that not be easy to confirm back then?.
So many questions and so many theories its addictive.


cpittella - about 2 years ago

My favorite episode so far! But: please dedicate an entire episode/addendum to Nicole & the alternative theory... And: could you clarify the timeline for those theories? So, both Jen & the theoretical Nicole knew that Hae was dead (and knew about the strangulation) before Hae's body was even found? How is that possible? What are the possible scenarios here? How wasn't this pursued by the police? It seems incredible. Therefore, it is possible that Hae had been buried somewhere else entirely... It is possible that nothing is what it seems...


WenFletch - about 2 years ago

Jenn's involvement gets more and more convoluted. Her and Jay are made for one another. Smh.


tlerrat - about 2 years ago