Brown Boys Meet Brown Girl(s)

May 25, 2015, 10:59 PM

Two brown boys meet two Brown Girls. Is there truly anything else to say about what this episode is? Fine. We'll say more. We had the pleasure of speaking with Trisha Sakhuja and Kamini Ramdeen- the two managing editors of Brown Girl Magazine. What is Brown Girl Magazine? Its an online daily publication that is geared to South Asian female issues and their empowerment. We talk to these fine brown ladies about the origin of their publication and how they both got involved. We chart the growth from a small infrequent blog to the daily magazine it has become and what pitfalls they avoided along the way. We find out how these two women were raised and what part of their history inspired such a passion for their fellow chocolate looking females. 

  The conversation then moves towards the structure of the magazine, from the title itself to the way they navigate the type of material they post. The ratio of fluff to hard hitting to opinion pieces that get published prompts a debate on the nature of fluff itself and its necessity and somehow leads to a spirited discussion about make up. We question the make-up industry’s intention and whether the very nature of make up might be a disservice to female empowerment.    Upon reaching a semi-conclusion of that topic, we dive into one of the articles that was posted during the week of the interview that discussed a Desi woman who was living with her family and discovered her pregnancy. It happened out of wedlock and was a pregnancy she hid until she ended up at the hospital. Purvi tried to abort the pregnancy with pills she had gotten out of country and ended up with a still birth and seriously injuring herself. This triggers a conversation about the nature of the South Asian family and the lengths we go to to seem perfect to our parents. We then discuss what needs to be done to make these relationships better or at least healthier. Our discussion of this episode will drop this coming Friday so if you have something you wanna say, reach out. Enjoy.