Audio 2 - Kukenarup massacres memorial WA SE

May 26, 2015, 09:25 PM

The Official Opening of the Kukenarup memorial on the site of WA SE

Report and image by Tara De Landgrafft - ABC Rural

Kokenarup massacre: In 1880, a family group of approximately 30 First Nations people were massacred about 15 kilometres from the Ravensthorpe in Western Australia's south west region. One account states that John Dunn, a farm worker, attacked and raped a young Nyoongar girl and in accordance with the Nyoongar lore of that region he was subsequently killed by Yandawulla Dibbs and a group of local Nyoongar men. Dunn's overseer sent out word of the killing, and returned with a large group of armed settlers who rounded up and slaughtered 30 Nyoongar men, women and children.