Sharad Nani- India is my Religion

Season 1, Episode 13
Jun 01, 2015, 10:53 PM

One of the tenants of South Asian culture is respect for elders. We are an incredibly deferential people to those who have lived in this world longer than we have. We have customs where we touch their feet as a greeting to that we are only at the level of their feet. In hindi, there is even different words for elder brother and sister. Being as our elders are important, we felt it necessary to speak with one of our elders. Meet Sharad Bagla. She is a close friend of my Nani and has become also like my Nani. She was born near and raised in Kanpur and now stays with her son in Cerritos, California.

We went out to see Sharad Nani back in April, mainly because we wanted some good ass Indian food, but also because we wanted her thoughts on the world and life. We started by talking about her upbringing and what Kanpur, and through that city, what India was like back from 1933 through the revolution. She paints a picture of a city that was ripe with industry and brimming with money. But not only was it a city of industry, it was a hotbed for the revolutionaries and freedom fighters that fought for India’s independence from England. She tells stories of what it was like during those last few years of England’s rule and answers the question of how much anger was present.

After fascinating us with tales of the past, we move to the present. How does she feel being in America? What did America represent back in the 80’s and what does it represent now? We also get to talk with her about her grandkids and how she identifies them to be and explore what it means to her to be Indian.

We were fortunate to be able to speak with Sharad Nani and if you are anything like us, how would you not enjoy listening to a Nani. Its like being wrapped up in a hug :) Enjoy and make sure to share.