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Jun 03, 2015, 03:59 PM

06-01-2015: TO LIFE! Please welcome Dr. David Wick to KLBB radio. Every Monday morning @ 7:45AM and right here on the Healthy Living Podcast. Dr. David Wick is a Chiropractor in Liberty Village in Stillwater.

"Because of my own research of chiropractic, I selected it as a career before I even entered high school. My educational decisions in high school and college were all directed with chiropractic in mind. Why was I so confident in chiropractic? Because it allows practitioners to help patients heal dramatically without the prescription of drugs or surgery. I liked that concept. An ages-old expression within the chiropractic profession is “The power that made the body heals the body.” I fully agree with that explanation. The work that we do at our clinic allows us to see the wonderful healing potential that the body has when blockage of natural healing ability is removed. By removing interference of the body’s natural abilities, I have witnessed many powerful events of healing."

Professional Designations •B.S. Degree in Human Biology •Doctorate of Chiropractic •Acupuncture Certification

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