Episode 5 - Autoptēs


June 8, 2015

Jun 08, 2015, 09:58 PM
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CoolRunnings - 11 months ago

I've listened to Serial quite some time ago and even though Serial didn't address all the info Undisclosed has, I felt back then that the evidence given against Adnan was circumstantial at it's very best. But as mention, the whole case is based on the inconsistent testimony of one Jay and highly interpretable cell tower data. But why, out of at least three (Mr. S, Don, Jay) suspicious persons did the police decide to settle on Adnan?


Jayneece - over 1 year ago

Wonder if Jay was driving around..Also wonder if Jay was asking for rides during the time Hae Lee was missing.


elleffe - over 1 year ago

Also, pretty sure if you try to take off the steering column cuff you can break off the lever...


elleffe - over 1 year ago

(6 weeks. Sorry, typo)


elleffe - over 1 year ago

I've listened to so much of this, and this piece right here just kills it. I still have so many questions about so many things Except about this car. There is no way it's location was the same for 16 weeks. I've left my car outside in So Cal with no weather and it looks like crap after 2 weeks.

Can Adnan be released merely on shitty investigating?

(Sorry for cussing.)


teachantoun - almost 2 years ago

If Jay was following Adnan wouldn't he have noticed the turn signal wasn't working?