Seville Corpus Christi Mysterium

Jun 14, 2015, 03:13 PM

Reimagined by Mark Taylor, June 2015: "ALL of the audio in my re-imagined version is taken from the original field recording; nothing has been added.

Granular synthesis and sampling techniques played a central role in the task – mainly within Native Instrument’s Reaktor.

Various sections of the original recording were extracted and became the basis for the five strands of my remix:

Woodwind and Brass phrases = opening mysterious chords. Everyday background sounds = wind effect. The bell ringer = the fragmented church bell like chimes. Flute and drum = regular melodic pulse. Drums = distorted, percussive loop.

I’ve always found musical processions to be quite magical, mesmerizing experiences – everything else seems to grind to a halt as they pass by…as if time beyond the parade slows to a crawl. Combining this thought with the deep symbolism behind the idea of Corpus Christi I decided to try and create something quite mystical, but still with a hint of that pageant passing by the listener."